Take Control of Your Business Marketing

September 25, 2023

Take Control of Your Business Marketing

It's easy to lose control of certain parts of your business. Marketing is one of the areas that can quickly start to slip out of your control as it becomes overwhelming and disorganised. There are so many different aspects to marketing that it can end up as a tangled web that you don't know how to unravel. If you're a small business owner, you're probably not also a marketing expert. And, on top of that, you're also busy trying to oversee all of the other parts of your business, from sales to customer service. So managing your marketing is definitely a challenge. But it's one that you can address, and you can take full control over your marketing.

Key Takeaways on Taking Control of Your Business Marketing

  1. Marketing Challenges for Small Business Owners: Small business owners often struggle to manage their marketing effectively due to its complexity and their limited expertise.
  2. Consider Working with a Marketing Agency: Outsourcing your marketing to the right agency can save you time and provide access to expert support. Choose an agency that understands your business and maintains open communication.
  3. Explore In-House Marketing: If feasible, consider bringing your marketing efforts in-house, allowing for more control over strategy and execution, albeit at a potentially higher cost.
  4. Customise Your Website: Building a custom website gives you greater flexibility and control, especially if your business has specific requirements. Content management systems can simplify updates and maintenance.
  5. Identify the Most Effective Channels: Not all marketing channels are suitable for every business. Focus on those that align with your industry and target audience, whether digital or offline.
  6. Develop a Unique Brand: A strong brand identity is crucial for effective marketing. Spend time crafting your brand before launching marketing campaigns to build recognition and loyalty.
  7. Leverage Marketing Data: Collect and analyse relevant data to improve your marketing strategy. Use tools that integrate seamlessly to save time and gain insights from customer and campaign data.
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Find the Right Marketing Agency

For a lot of small businesses, working with a marketing agency is best when it's time to expand. Marketing agencies offer a number of benefits, including having a whole team of marketing experts to help you achieve your goals. Some agencies might be very small, and could even just be one person, while some are larger but still work with small businesses. 

Outsourcing your marketing will certainly save you a lot of time, but what if it makes you feel like you're not really in control? The best way to avoid this is to ensure you find the right agency for your needs. You need an agency that understands your business and has the right experience to help you reach your goals. They should work closely with you so that you always feel connected and up-to-date with what they're doing. This should help you to feel more in control of your marketing. The agency might be doing a lot of the work, but you're still in charge of the direction your marketing will go in.

Finding the right marketing agency helps. Also, seeking advice from a business coach and mentor could help in other areas of your business.
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Bring Marketing In-House

Instead of outsourcing your marketing, you could consider bringing your marketing in-house. Small businesses can find this a little trickier because they don't necessarily have the capacity to have their own marketing department. However, you can have someone working on marketing for your business and even just one or two people might be able to handle everything. Of course, it makes sense for your marketing experts to work closely with the business owner to ensure the right goals are set and that marketing activities align with the direction of the company and brand. In-house marketing can be more expensive, but it gives you the chance to be fully in control of what you do.

Build a Custom Website

A website is one of the main marketing channels that businesses have today. It's essential for most businesses to have a website, even if it's just a one-page design that provides important information and contact details. Small businesses often start off creating a website using a template, which can make it faster to build something serviceable. But it can also mean you're limited in the functionality and customization available. If you want to build a custom website with complete freedom, you might want to explore other options.

Businesses in some industries can have specific requirements for their websites. In these cases, it makes sense to explore services and products that are designed for your industry. If you run a car dealership, building your website using specialist software to build automotive websites (CMS) will allow you to build in all the functionality you need. A content management system gives you control over your website. Not only can you build it the way you want, but you can also edit and update your site easily. This is essential for something like a car dealership that needs to keep their inventory up to date. You can update available products as they're added or sold to ensure your site is always accurate.

Building a custom website is very beneficial for business marketing.
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Identify the Best Channels

Not all businesses should use all available marketing channels. You need to know what works well for your business so that you can make the most of your marketing budget. It's important to consider both digital marketing and offline marketing methods. Although digital marketing is often cost-effective and is a must for many modern businesses, it's important not to dismiss the idea of offline marketing. Many businesses, especially small and local businesses, can benefit from things like distributing flyers or outdoor marketing such as posters or billboards. The appropriate marketing channels can depend on your industry and your audience.

Create a Unique Brand

To market your business effectively, you need to build a brand. Your brand is the identity of your business, while marketing includes the activities that you carry out to promote your brand. Developing a unique brand will help you to stand out and ensure you can meet your marketing goals. It pays to spend time working on the creation of your brand before you start marketing your business. You can then focus on not just increasing sales, but also improving brand visibility and recognition. If you're marketing without a brand, you can find it hard to get any long-term traction.

Take Control of Marketing Data

Data can help you to improve your marketing, and there's a lot of useful data that you can collect. But it can also be hard to take control of the data that you need, or even to know what type of data you should be collecting. You can collect data from your marketing activities, such as website analytics and data on online adverts. You can also benefit from customer data, which can give you insights into the behaviour of your customers and who your audience is. The right tools for collecting and analysing marketing data are important. It's often useful to have different tools that integrate together so that you can make the most of their features and save time on transferring data between systems.

Take complete control of your business marketing so that it will align with your business goals. A marketing strategy will help you outline what you need to do and how you can make your marketing work for your brand.