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Awesome Reviews

Reviews from Fans, Friends and Key People of Influence

Very practical and streetwise. This book runs straight into what to do, in what order and how to get it right. It's full of checklists and tips and you can dip in and out of it or read it cover to cover. It's a resource you want to have within arms reach.

Daniel Priestley - Author "Entrepreneur Revolution", "Key Person of Influence" & Oversubscribed

Rob in this book demystifies starting an online business and his approach is simple yet detailed and effective. An easy read that will help you to grow your online business.

Darshana Ubl – Businesswoman, Investor and Spokesperson for Small Business

If you can’t launch a successful online business after reading this book, then perhaps you should stick to your day job. The author doesn’t beat around the bush and goes straight to the point; the book is concise and refreshingly easy to read.

Michael Serwa, Author of "From Good To Amazing: No Bullshit Tips for The Life You Always Wanted"