Why Your Company Needs Tech Expertise Right Now

March 1, 2024

Why Your Company Needs Tech Expertise Right Now

In the current business landscape, technology has become one of the most important factors to consider for long-term success. Tech expertise in your team gives you so many advantages over your competitors that it’s seen as an absolute necessity no matter if you’re running a humble little coffee shop or a dropshipping business.

So in this post, we’re going to describe a couple of reasons why your company needs tech expertise immediately, and how you can get it.


Key Takeaways on Sourcing Tech Expertise for Your Company

  1. Digital Presence is Non-Negotiable: Establishing a digital presence is essential in today's business landscape, regardless of the scale. Utilising digital marketing basics, such as Google business profiles and websites, is crucial for reaching and attracting customers who rely on the internet for business discovery.
  2. Efficiency Through Technology: Technology offers automation tools and software that enhance business processes, reducing time and human intervention. This includes project management software, AI learning tools, and reporting software, showcasing the potential for efficiency gains.
  3. Fractional CTO for Advanced Tech Integration: To navigate advanced business technologies and maximise their benefits, having a fractional Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on board provides valuable expertise. This strategic approach ensures the adoption of technologies that can propel the business forward.
  4. Enhanced Communication and Relationships: Seeking tech expertise improves communication methods with the audience. Utilising tools like social media and establishing clear communication pipelines ensures businesses can receive valuable feedback and strengthen relationships with customers.
  5. Understanding Audience Interaction: Analysing how the audience communicates—whether through email, live support chat, or social media—helps tailor communication processes. Creating a transparent and efficient communication flow aids in understanding customer sentiments and perceptions of the business.
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Creating a digital presence is absolutely required these days

Even if you’re a small local business, learning the basics of digital marketing will help carry your business further. This is because the majority of people today use the internet for things like discovering businesses and finding new places to visit. So if you’re not on Google or listed on any business directories, then you’re going to get less customers overall.

Learning how to craft a digital presence is straightforward–all you really need to do is get a Google business profile, and even a small website can help because it’ll explain what your business is about and what you offer. If you want to go a step further, making a social media account can help a lot as well.

Designing more efficient processes for your business

Technology can help improve your existing processes thanks to a myriad of automation tools and software that can drastically improve the workflow of your company. The goal of this kind of technology is to reduce the amount of time it takes to complete certain tasks, or to reduce the amount of human intervention required. This can be project management software, AI learning tools, or even reporting software to help you visualise the data that your business generates.

This is a lot more advanced than simply creating an online presence, which is why it helps to have a fractional CTO on board to help you out. It’s one of the best ways to learn more about business technologies that can boost your business, and the valuable advice you get will be relevant for the future as well.

Improving business communications and relationships with customers

Another great reason to seek tech expertise is to improve the methods in which you communicate with your audience. Every company relies on its audience for feedback on improving its products and services, so creating a line of communication becomes paramount in improving those relationships.

This is often done through tools like social media, but it can also be encouraged with a communication pipeline. For instance, how does your audience communicate with you? Is it through email, a live support chat, or social media? Next, how does customer service get that message to the relevant people? These are the sorts of considerations that you have to keep in mind when trying to create a clean and transparent communication process between you and your customers.

In short, it’s about leveraging technology so that you can have an easier time speaking with your audience and understanding how they think and feel about your business.